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Bad Ass Dads
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Bad Ass Dads is a not just a community for males who happen to have kids. This is a place for men--REAL men, the kind who know that their children and family come first. Men who know that loving and providing for their family is the most important thing in their life! But more than that, this is a place where men can be men and be PROUD. Raising children is not "woman's work"--we carry our wieght, and our kids know us as more than just that guy who comes home, eats, and sleeps. Finally, this is a place to talk about how we include our families in the things that WE like--sports, music, food, whatever. Our families are our life, and our life includes our family.

Now, some basic guidelines:

* Don't be a dick. This should be self-explanatory, but unfortunately it's not. If you've got beef with somebody, you can settle it intelligently and respectfully, or you can take it "outside"--to email. The bouncers (mods) will be swift and fierce with this.

* We love our families, and we respect them too. This community is a fist-pumping, chest-bumping, salute to dads and our place in the family, but there will be NO belittling of women or children. Our partners are just that, our beloved partners and equals--not a ball and chain. Our children are our most precious treasures--not mouths to feed.

* While we're on the topic of equals, women are more than welcome here. However, we stay on topic, and the topic is men being men and dads being dads. If you're a woman who wants to talk about general parenting or AP issues, please check out attachedparents or parenting.

* This community is AP-friendly. If you don't know that that is, it basically means that we think loving your kids doesn't mean hitting or neglecting them, it means responding to their needs and being a good provider. If you want to pick a fight on one of the 'hot-button' parenting topics (circumsicion, vaccination, etc.), you'd better have something worthwhile to say, and you'd better keep it cool, or you WILL be out on your ass.

* While we're on the topic of AP and hot-button issues, a real dad knows that giving their kids the best means giving their kids the breast. If the only "bonding time" you get with your baby is when you're stuffing their mouth full of bottle, you're not a bad ass dad. Besides, why waste the cash on formula and bottles, and pile more dishes in the sink? If you do bottlefeed, we won't turn you away, but don't look for approval here. Breast vs. Bottle is NOT an issue up for discussion or debate at bad_ass_dads. If you've got something you want to get off your chest on that topic, check out this community: booju_mooju.

* This community is open to everyone, at least for now. If things get out of hand, the bouncers will not hesitate to crack the whip.

* This community is open to dads of all ages, from dads-to-be to great-granddads.

* Please put pictures and long entries behind a cut. If you do not know how to do an LJ cut, please look here.

* If you're going to promote or advertise a community, product, or service, please ask permission first from a mod. Please keep it on-topic and community-related.